TCS Zimbra: Login To New Safe Link To The TCS Mail Service

TCS Zimbra, this was one of the topics that our readers of has been asking to discuss regularly. So Today without further delay we will be discussing the TCS Zimbra.

Zimbra for TCS

We will be covering all the related information that generally tend to be asked by a person who is interested in Zimbra TCS. And some of those major topics that we will be covering today are TCS Zimbra Login, What is Zimbra, Features of Zimbra, New Zimbra Login Site for TCS.

Now before we jump into the heavy sea of Zimbra TCS there are basically few things that you should know about the Zimbra.

What is Zimbra ?

Zimbra is one of the leading enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, available for both public and private. It comes with a redesigned browser-based interface. Zimbra offers one of the most innovative messaging experience available in the market right now, with the sole purpose of connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds servers.

Zimbra mainly provides the following features Email, calendar, and groupware software for both Linux and MAC operating system.

So now your question might be … What does it have to do with TCS or Tata Consultancy Service??…. I would want to inform all of you especially the TCS Employees that TCS basically use Zimbra as there Webmail. So now if you are an Employee of TCS and recently join the Office. Then You might be having huge piles of question coming up on your mind regarding the TCS Zimbra.

Check Out More About Zimbra on Wikipedia.

What Phone Does TCS Zimbra Support?

Another question that is quite famous and regularly asked is “If TCS Zimbra Would Support in their Mobiles??“. Here are the Phones that it would support with Android Devices, iOS devices, Blackberry and other Mobiles and devices running the major operating Systems.

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How To Login into TCS Zimbra?

To Login to your TCS Zimbra account you will just need to follow the few simple steps that are provided below:
Zimbra Web for TCS
  1. First of all, you will need to Visit the Website of the TCS Zimbra via the link below.
  2. Now you will be given access to the TCS Zimbra Webpage.
  3. Now you will need to fill up your correct Username and Password in the given option.
  4. Next, you will have to click on the “Login” option.
  5. Now you will be Login to your Zimbra TCS Mail Account.

New Changed TCS Zimbra Link or Domain:

Now if you are a TCS Employee and has been using the service of TCS Zimbra then you should be very careful. Because the Link that you might be using can vulnerable to attackers and hacker. So to provide safety to its Employee that have asked their Employees to use the new link to their Mail Service of Zimbra. For which we will be providing the Link below.

New Link:

Generally, if you visit the old TCS Zimbra Link then it will provide a notification below the “Username” and “Password” option:

TCS Zimbra Link

Please note that access to Direct Mail Server link from Internet will be removed from 25-Aug-2016. Kindly use for uninterrupted webmail services.

Now for the safety of your personal data and information as well as information and data of TCS company as whole you are advised to use the new link to the TCS Zimbra Service Link.

The above are some of the information relating TCS Zimbra and If you have and Queries or Question relating to the Mail Service of TCS i.e Zimbra then Please leave your Comments Below. And We will Help you right Away.

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